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What About a Raw Wine?
Natural wines are made with minimal chemical and technological intervention, both in growing grapes and making the wine. Unlike organic and biodynamic, natural wines are defined by commonly accepted practices.

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Nor damaged or altered grapes, violent harvesting machines are allowed to produce an Organic wine. Process is free of tannin or  casein clarifiers, excessive pressing or crushing, unauthorized thermal processes.

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Biodynamic farming uses different principles that to add vitality to the plant, soil and/or livestock, whereas traditional farming typically deteriorates the soil. It’s a holistic, ecological and ethical approach.

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About us

Passion for fine & healthy wines

“the Good Life co” was created by its CEO, Silvina Garrone, with the strong willingness to spread in USA a suitable selection of wines made with organic and biodynamic grapes, and produced with the least possible intervention

Selecting good wines, especially those that come from an ethical winemaking, is much more than a simple task, but we are excited to do it for you.

We expect you will join us in this journey!


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