the Good Life co

Raw Wine NATURAL Philosophy

“the Good Life co” is a US Importing Company established by Silvina Garrone with the strong willingness to spread in USA and the World a suitable selection of wines made with organic or biodynamics grapes, and produced with less possible intervention.

Silvina is a logistics specialist, wine lover, practitioner of a healthy lifestyle and strongly committed with our planet.

As Company, we began this path looking for medium and small sizes wineries, run for their owners, that fully commune with organic and biodynamic philosophies and use ancestral practices to elaborate wine, that mostly were passed down from generation to generation, as if time had been suspended. For this reason, each harvest produces limited, unique and unrepeatable batches.

Our commitment with our partner-suppliers is to help them to bring their creations closer to those consumers who are looking for enjoy tasting a yummy and healthy wine.

Soon we will be launching our first own labeled wines. It was developed by Pablo Quiroga, a passionate raw wine winemaker and artist, founder of Solo el Amor Salvará al Mundo (Only Love will Save the World), located in Empordá Valley, Catalunya, Spain, where there is an ancient winemaking tradition dating back to the year I B.C.

It is always a pleasure walk the way accompanied by enthusiastic people who lead by example. This is why Solo el Amor Salvara al Mundo is the perfect match to launch our wines.

Natural wine is a one-way trip for the heart, sharing our energies and thus being able to transfer this culture to new dimensions. No matter where we are. Thank you for your strength, love and international friendship.
Foto Silvina
Silvina Garrone