Bicho Raro


  • Blanco Artesanal
  • Natural wine with no added sulfites
  • Las Payas
  • San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

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It is a wine made by hand.

Malvina and Patricia are two grape varieties created by sexual crossbreeding in San Rafael in the 80´s looking for table grapes and raisins, without seeds, not for winemaking. Therefore, this may be the only wine with Malvina in the Argentine market. The two grapes wines are made separately in white (only must), with controlled temperature. In parallel, it is also vinified in red (fermentation with skins and seed) what is left in the press, which is then added to the blend in its right proportion.

Neither filtered nor stabilized.

Only 521 bottles produced.

Serving temperature: 8/10º


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