Malbec Orgánico


Malbec Orgánico – Vinilo – Wine – 2018 – Argentina – Gualtallary, Tupungato, Mendoza – 752 – 13.5

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It is the first wine made with organic grapes of this Winery, which is very consistent with its philosophy of respecting the terroir with low intervention in the manufacturing processes.

Vineyard: The grapes are native to Maipú, at 800masl. It is an area that provides soft tannins, and very good concentration of aromas, colors and flavors.

Vinification: The grapes are harvested manually. After destemming, the must is carried out to cement eggs by gravity where it remains 10/12 months. It is bottled without going through the barrel.

Tasting Notes: It is an interesting wine, complex but very easy to drink. Fresh, acid, with lots of fruit, which invites you to continue drinking.Service temperature: 14 / 16º

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