Moscato Capítulo 2: El Naranjo


☤ Moscato

♥ Natural wine with no added sulfites

♻ Las Payas

⚑ San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

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Moscatel Rosado is a “Criolla” grape (it means that has born in the American continent from European parents). In this case, it comes from the Moscato of Alexandria and Listan Prieto from the Canary Islands.

In this “orange wine”, the fermentation takes place in contact with skins and seeds at temperatures of a red wine. Prolonged masserations are not made because a strong tannic load is not sought, but the typical astrigence and bitterness of this grape.

Neither filtered nor stabilized.

Only 877 bottles produced.

Serving temperature: 8/10º

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San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina


Raw wine with no added sulfites


Las Payas


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