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biodynamic wines a science in itself

"Look for the true practical life, but without becoming insensitive to the spirit that is alive in it. Look for the spirit, but not out of supersensitive enjoyment, not out of refined selfishness, but look for it out because you must selflessly translate it into practical life, in the material world. Let us return to the ancient principle, without spirit the matter has no life and spirit has no life without matter. In this way we say that we will do all things in the light of the spirit, and in this way we will look for that light of the spirit that gives us warmth in our practical activities. "
Rudolf Steiner
Austrian philosopher

In addition to what is required for the production of organic wines, the Zodiac, the moon´s phases, the sun, homeopathy, biological cycles, etc. are considered.

Biodynamics was born in Germany in the 1920s, from the Austrian philosopher and writer Rudolf Steiner. It is a science in itself. It is a way of understanding the life and interrelation of all creatures with the environment and the cosmos.

Wineries are conceived as complex organisms whose natural dynamics include animals and the man. Steiner understands them as a holistic whole, a balanced system that must be preserved.

The viticulture that is practiced to obtain biodynamic wines is basically to prioritize the health of the vineyard. Just as traditional viticulture focuses on fighting diseases and pests, biodynamic viticulture stimulates the health of the vineyard so that diseases are not a problem, understanding that the vineyard is a life system in itself and that it must be treated as such, holistically.

After many years of study and improvement, this pilosophy is based on the lunar calendar to carry out all the work in the vineyard and in the winery, studying the position of the other stars to understand and regulate the procedures, the waves energy frequency, working only with organic and natural compounds, respecting the solar phases. It understands the vineyard as a microcosm within another, which is the planet, which in turn is immersed in the macrocosm, and that everything works interacting as a great cycle of lifetime.

The soil is worked with special natural preparations, such as manure buried inside a cow’s horn for a whole season, until the solstice, where it is unearthed to provide the land with the immense amount of microorganisms generated. Special preparations based on ground quartz are also used, which benefits photosynthesis, medicinal and homeopathic plants to prevent and cure pests or diseases.

Everything is mainly governed by the moon. When the moon is rising, as well as influences the tides, it also does so on fluids, such as the sap of plants. Thus, for example, pruning with the waning moon is recommended, since the sap does not flow as strongly and the plant heals faster.

Biodynamics goes even further: all the products used must have a natural origin (not manufactured), and the winery must be self-sufficient. So this demands the growing of animals to supply themselves with food (milk, eggs, meats) and manure for the preparations, plantations to feed these animals and people, etc. In short, it is a whole lifestyle.

Inside the winery, the regulations are as strict as in the vineyard, avoiding the use of pumps, additives and adjuvants of all kinds and colors. And of course, achieving an official biodynamic certification takes a long period of work and deep dedication.

Are these wines better tasting speaking than traditionally made ones? Probably yes. They result in a surprising natural concentration, due to the extreme care provided. Are they distinguishable in a blind tasting? Quite possibly, not always.

Demeter Certification.

Demeter is the leading biodynamic certification organization. It owes its name to the goddess of agriculture and is a non-governmental entity. In the USA, Demeter is the most important organization, which certifies both the vineyard and the winery production.

The most important standards that regulate the production of biodynamic wine are:

  • Do not use genetically modified microorganisms
  • Do not use unauthorized clarifiers
  • Maximized use of gravity techniques for warehouse work
  • Minimum rectification of the harvest result
  • Use of native yeasts only.
  • Minimal or no use of sulphides (sulphites)


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